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Chartlog gives you the tools you need to analyze trades and focus on what works. 


Create a dashboard that displays all of your most important data points.

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A featured packed journal to help you trade smarter. 

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Find your edge with the most advanced trader analytics.

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Find your best strategy and win consistently.

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Easy to use advanced charting that displays all of your data.

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Market Data

Get full access to 15+ years of historical market data.

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Easily connect Chartlog to your trading platform and upload all of your trades automatically, in realtime. 

"Consistent journaling is one of the most important things to improve your trading. Chartlog is one of the best tools for journaling that every trader needs."

Andrew Aziz
Founder at

“Journaling allows you to take ownership of your progress as a trader. It promotes consistency and stability which develops the confidence you need to trade the market without fear. Chartlog is an essential professional journaling tool that every serious trader needs” 

Ed Martin
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“Attempting to trade without any form of journaling or data tracking is like trying to navigate the world without a map. Don't get lost without any sense of direction. Chartlog facilitates all the journaling process for you to provide you with critical insights you need to get your trading on the right track.” 

Max Madaz
Founder at