The Ultimate guide to Journaling with Chartlog

Introduction - Let's get started!

Who is this course for?

Still struggling to find an edge in the markets? Still repeating the same trading mistakes? If you are eager to figure out how to take your trading to a consistently profitable level by tracking your trades and learning from mistakes, this course is for you! You will learn how to track your trades, review them, analyze them, and use them to hone your strategies and improve your rule-following. Let’s go!

Why Journal?

Traders are a very diverse bunch. They differ immensely in what assets they trade, what strategies they use, what timeframes they trade in, and how they manage their trades. But there is one thing successful traders have in common: They all journal their trades! Why? Because it is the only way to get better, to find strategies that work for you, and to use your past trades to learn from both wins and losses. Your edge in the markets consists of your strategies that have shown a positive expectancy. Your goal is to find and develop those strategies – and for that you need to journal!


Trading effectively is about assessing probabilities.


What to expect?

We'll get you started together, so you can begin to use Chartlog to work on your trading system right after finishing this course. To keep it as practical as possible, we'll analyze one specific trading strategy together based on an example sample set of 25 trades. These are the chapters we'll go through:

  1. Import your Trades
  2. Find your way around Chartlog
  3. Strategies
  4. Custom Fields
  5. The Journaling Process
  6. Insights - how to improve your Performance
  7. Final Words: Become profitable!

If you want to follow along in your own Chartlog account, click here to download the sample set file. You can easily delete those trades when you're done with the course.

PS: As a thank you for taking part in this course, we’ll provide you with a special discount at the end!


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